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Opp Alabama and the Surrounding Areas

Thursday, December 14, 2006

8:06PM - hmm

Doesn't look like anyone has posted in awhile. I guess there isn't much to say about the area. I think it was a good idea...I think. So in an attempt to possibly resurrect the community I shall introduce myself as it says for new members to do. My name is Becca. I live partially in Andalusia/partially in the dorms at Troy University. I love good music, and I like admiring art (I admire because I can't make it.). Hmm I think that's all I've got at the moment. Just thought I'd remind people that the community is here. :D

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Friday, March 11, 2005


this is a new community for posting your pictures from all over alabama!
let's see your photos!

Tuesday, March 8, 2005


I just joined. I don't live in the Opp area currently. I actually live in Pensacola, Florida. Anyway, I'll be going to Troy State this fall, so I figured I could get to know some people ahead of time through this wonderful amenity titled "LiveJournal"! I am Rebecca, by the way. I'm glad to see that somebody thought up this community! Hope to keep in touch!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

8:53PM - Just say Hey!

Decided to join because..well I am from Opp..and I thought "hell why not?". Plus I think ages ago Matt posted on my journal. Sorry bout not visiting here before now. *shrugs* So here I am. Nice to meet you all. I'm Kristy..aka Kris to my friends. I live in Opp because thats where my husband grew up, yada yada. I grew up down Brooklyn Road, thats on the other side of Andalusia. (testing your geography!) So I've lived in area for my ENTIRE life. Yes that is sad..but I like small town life.

As I looked down the page did I see someone else who works at Clientlogic?? LOL Small world..small world.

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Monday, February 7, 2005

11:48PM - not sure

i'm not sure about Opp life in general, but i say its a fun town after visiting it for one day. its even got a slogan. "the town of OPPortunity". it also has Opp Fest. it has a marching band contest.
it is mentioned in the book forrest gump. it has running water.

i enjoy opp, and i am glad i have visited there. my life is changed!!!!

i went there for a band contest in october. it was exciting and i had me a hot dog that was red. i've never had a red hot dog before.

Friday, January 21, 2005


[Bad username: lushs_with_guns href=]
+ Post pictures
+ Meet new people
+ Have fun
+ Weekly/Monthly themes
+ Over 140 members
Join it today!

Thursday, January 6, 2005

5:45PM - Hi there.

Hey my name is Brandon Floyd, and I live in Elba, Alabama. I also used to livei n Eufaula and Ozark. I work for Dell out in Andalusia.

I'm trying to make some extra money on the side so if you guys need a computer(s) fixed then feel free to contact me at 334.897.0833 (Elba Number), or through AIM at brandonof2oo2.

I charge nothing at all to come look at your computer, and no matter what the repair maybe I only charge 50 dollars. Thats it, and I will do it at your home or office. If for some reason you have a bad piece of hardware in your machine you will have to supply that part and I will put it in at no extra cost and make sure that it runs to your satisfaction.

I know this is probably advertising to you guys and I'm sorry I just need some extra work to pay off some bills that I have accumulated. Feel free to contact me if you wish to talk to me or make an appointment, I will come out the same day or when you need me. Thanks!

Thursday, December 2, 2004



Tuesday, October 12, 2004


I'm Brittany. I live not even an hour away...In Dothan, Alabama

Friday, October 8, 2004

12:28AM - funny stories about long dong dimagio and that place babies come from

i'm not from opp, but i'm oppcore. that counts alot more.

i love telling people here about opp, because every single time people say "o-p-p...like that song about pussy?" it's magic.

and you know i'd follow wherever you lead, matt. too the ends of the earth!

Thursday, October 7, 2004


title or description


someone tell me what opp is like. all I know is that it's 60 miles from dothan, and it's where matt from opp is from. and if bonifay and opp ever combined, it would be called boniopp or oppifay.

8:13PM - Lower Alabama Represent

What an empty place. Why don't you click here and join. You have to be a livejournal member but you can join livejournal for free!

Hope to see an interesting crowd gather here.

Social networking people.