Brandon (brandonof2oo2) wrote in oppalabama,

Hi there.

Hey my name is Brandon Floyd, and I live in Elba, Alabama. I also used to livei n Eufaula and Ozark. I work for Dell out in Andalusia.

I'm trying to make some extra money on the side so if you guys need a computer(s) fixed then feel free to contact me at 334.897.0833 (Elba Number), or through AIM at brandonof2oo2.

I charge nothing at all to come look at your computer, and no matter what the repair maybe I only charge 50 dollars. Thats it, and I will do it at your home or office. If for some reason you have a bad piece of hardware in your machine you will have to supply that part and I will put it in at no extra cost and make sure that it runs to your satisfaction.

I know this is probably advertising to you guys and I'm sorry I just need some extra work to pay off some bills that I have accumulated. Feel free to contact me if you wish to talk to me or make an appointment, I will come out the same day or when you need me. Thanks!
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