Opp Alabama and the Surrounding Areas

...a good place to die, if you're a hick

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Living in Opp or any of the surrounding areas sucks. We might as well mingle with one another until we can get the hell out.

This is called Opp Alabama because the bastard who created this community is from Opp. All are welcome, please try and keep the bitching to a low roar and try and act like you've got some common sense please.

That being said if you live in Covington, Coffee, Crenshaw, Geneva counties you are encouraged to join and introduce yourself, knowing tons of locals can't hurt, not physically at least.

So you Opp, Andalusia, Red Level, Geneva, Kinston, Elba, Luverne, Florala, Samson kids join now because I'm tired of trying to be clever here.